Enter the Strengths Zone

Leadership coaching services for diverse corporate and individual needs

How can I help you reach your destination?

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Coaching Managers

I provide corporate leadership and management coaching on a one-one basis (hourly rate). This can be a profit or non-profit enterprise.

I utilize a strength based approach to help improve “people facing” (directing and communicating with employees, peers or executive leadership), managing critical projects, and/or developing and changing processes for the betterment of the organization. Managers can be grouped as a team in a seminar/conference setting (see workshop offerings).

Pastors can benefit from a coach who will listen, pray, share scripture and application, and develop a plan to help the Church leadership team converge on organizational purpose, vision, and sense of mission.

  1. Individual coaching (evaluating Strength assessments) with leaders, managers, employees, and pastors
  2. Corporate managers/leaders “Talent to Strength” (T=S) engagement training
  3. Creating new Strengths based improvement programs (replacing aged PIPs)
  4. Supervisors (1st line) Strength exploration and application (and workshops)
  5. Small business startups (or existing) – Strengths culture implementation
  6. Core Values and Soft Skills workshops
  7. Church leaders (pastors and staff) Strength orientation and instruction
  8. Communication spectrum training for managers
Corporate Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Coaching Teams

I provide coaching for effective and efficient interdependent teams (profit or non-profit) on an hourly basis.

Hands-on learning objectives are:

  • Building team trust and respect
  • Appreciation and application of team strengths (individually and collectively)
  • Managers and teams learn to understand and apply their team DNA
  • Working collaboratively and achieving time sensitive goals for the department and company
  • Clear and proactive communication becomes vitally important

These are the coaching activities with your team:

  1. Team organizational purpose, direction and mission (alignment and communication)
  2. Corporate team Strength power dynamics – using Strengths training
  3. Talents to Strengths identification and appreciation
  4. Manager and team collaboration
  5. Understanding and practicing team Strengths – team DNA
  6. Focus on complementing team member’s Strengths
  7. Follow-up and accountability – focused on Strengths

Coaching Individuals

I facilitate individualized leadership and life coaching (on an hourly basis) for people who wish to embrace change and desire to accomplish (not all may apply):

  • Appreciate, invest and apply talents
  • Leverage strengths for best outcomes in particular life/work roles
  • Enrich the lives of others
  • Achieve performance goals
  • Build enduring relationships
  • Better execute (get things done)
  • Influence (listen and be heard)
  • Strategically process information more effectively

I come alongside and help navigate your personal journey through:

  1. Gallup Strengths-Finder Assessments – identify talents to cultivate and leverage Strengths
  2. Hourly Life Coaching – clarity for the present, moving through obstacles, and finishing well
  3. Individualized purpose, core values, passion, vision, and mission commitments (with follow-up)
  4. Breaking through fear and anxiety
  5. Life transitions planning and accountability
  6. Career coaching – to the misemployed, underemployed and unemployed
Coaching Individuals