Purpose and Mission

A coaching foundation built with purpose and mission


To glorify God in thought, speech, conduct, leadership excellence and practice – to passionately serve Christ and people through integrity, love, grace, and wisdom. I enjoy the nature, diversity and complexity of humanity. People are very important to me and they are important to God.

In faith, I trust Christ as my Savior and Lord. I am His workmanship, created for good works.  Jesus is the Master Leader who distinctly influences and blesses the entire world by engaging authenticity, service, compassion, love and sacrifice. I respectfully follow His heavenly pattern of servant leadership and shining His light in the marketplace. He lives and breathes leadership for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

He watches all of my ways – Coram Deo.


Bob Huffman


compassionately serve and passionately encourage leaders to personally flourish for the betterment of home, business, and community.


Three Fold Mission

Encourage leaders to build a “strength-based” foundation merged with purpose and excellence; where they will learn to:

  1.  Engage Strengths – appreciate and invest in individual talents, leveraging personal and team strengths for peak performance; engage in what they do best to facilitate change with optimal human connection
  2. Thrive in Vocations – reflection and awareness to changing personal and business perspectives, adjust and proactively set critical initiatives;  innovate to find meaning and fulfillment in work/life relationship
  3. Transform the Marketplace – be accountable and strategically seek new frontiers; removing demanding obstacles with a thrilling finish, thus, making a positive contribution in the open market of commerce