Leadership Workshops

Groups can invest in skills and knowledge by learning together!

Leadership Workshops Details

One day workshops are interactive and inspiring in a classroom/team environment. There is a visible positive dimension when participants interface and learn from each other. Skill development accelerates!

Organizations can customize to meet specific corporate requirements, goals and objectives.

Preferred class size is 15 participants (or less).

Depending on needs of client, workshop timing and frequency may vary and exceed the typical one day session. For example, there may be a relevant topic requiring consecutive days throughout the week.

Instructional fees, venue expenses, workshop materials, travel costs, and on-line assessments (including StrengthFinder assessment fees) are determined after initial “needs evaluation” by Bob and client. Coaching agreement and fee schedule will be signed/dated by both parties.

Options? Many of these workshop topics have individual coaching applications.

Interested?  Please visit the contact page

Strengths Based Coaching

  1. Individual “TIS” training (Talents – Investment – Strengths with Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment)
  2. (IPT) Initiating – Planning – Thriving in a Strengths Based culture
    a. Companies desiring a renewed Strengths DNA culture for aged performance improvement programs
  3. “Lead with Your Strengths” for Leadership/Manager or Supervisor (Discover, Describe Deploy, and Develop)
  4. Understanding dynamics of Team Strengths
    a. Setting goals and achievement (using team Strengths)
  5. Strengths Applications (Deployment) for peak performance
  6. Additional Case Studies for Strengths (completion of sessions 3-5 are necessary)
  7. Non-profit/Church leadership: talent to Strengths
  8. Mapping Out a Fulfilling Career – using Strengths Assessment
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Workshop Courses

“Talent and Core Values” Development

  1. Waking, Working, and Walking: attitude is the leadership driver
  2. Authenticity and the Servant Leader: why real matters
  3. Integrity: it’s holistic with head – heart – hands
  4. Above Board: honesty in action – implied but applied?
  5. Confidence and Humility: leadership synergy
  6. Compassionate Lead: build lasting relationships
  7. Conviction: inner momentum
  8. Discipline: hand to the plow (not looking back)
  9. Life Balance: the life-scape colorful
  10. Team Trust: a trusting high performance team
  11. Core Values, Vision and Mission: lay a leadership foundation
  12. Stop Pressing the Snooze Button: time effectiveness for leaders
  13. Collaboration on the High Tension Wire: positive outcomes with conflict
  14. Change Emissary: thrive in a changing marketplace
  15. Hands Off Leadership: downfall of the micromanager
  16. Coaching Now: develop an effective coaching style
  17. Service Station: serving customers for pleasure and good measure

Communication Training

  1. Optimal Human Engagement: enhanced communication between managers with employees
  2. The self shift: “others” centric communication
  3. Millennials: culture, engagement and motivation
  4. Presentation Confidence: impactful public speaking
  5. Applaud Achievement: the good things people do
  6. 1:1s: insightful fireside dialogs in 30 minutes
  7. Expect, Inspect, and Check in (using Strengths) : consistent feedback loop
  8. Space is Alive: leading meetings with meaning
  9. Puzz-Ling: solution-centric strategy
  10. Ideas to Implementation: ideas matter and make a difference
  11. Supervisors View: strengthen supervisory skills
Communication Training
Biblical Principles

Topical Leadership Workshops

  • Acceptance
  • Creativity
  • Endurance
  • Humility
  • Quality mindedness in production environments
  • Servant leadership
  • Service magnets –  customers that stick
  • Setting priorities (work/life balance)


(Specific workshops for faith-based organizations)

  • Facing trials (and rejoicing)
  • Faith with purpose
  • Forgiveness and grace
  • Financial stewardship
  • Loving others
  • Marketplace Ministry (thriving in vocation)
  • Reconciling relationships
  • Wisdom and discernment