Considering a Strengths Coach?

Engage Your Strengths – Thrive in Your Vocation – Transform the Marketplace

You’re a leader today and tomorrow…

Because of your ability to engage and influence. Some people have career roles, corporate titles and positions that require management, supervision or leadership with people, yet, for many, leadership is inherent with your life role, family, volunteer work, marriage or ministry.

Whether in a formal or informal role, humbly serving – investing in people and striving to make a significant contribution in this world is leadership.

Drive the leadership road with a guide…

To clarify the now roadway, detecting threatening roadblocks, abiding by your core values, investing your talent for highest achievement, persevering in mind and heart, and ensuring hope.

A coach supports and advises  – keeping you steady on the right course for the right cause. What an exciting adventure when you leverage your unique strengths for peak performance!



Leaders embrace change with an encourager…

Change happens. Expect and accept it. It happens daily.  Time to assimilate and make changes yourself. No more detours. Drive and face it head-on.

Coaching supports you – to adjust, affirm and thrive in your changing vocation using your strengths. You drive with momentum through the hectic interchange – as a coach navigates, cares, listens, questions, assesses, tests ideas, and celebrates when you reach your destination. Change is the impetus turning a boring journey into invigorating!

Do any of these leadership storylines apply to you?

1. Thrive in the “Strengths Zone”

Strengths Zone

You have critical roles with responsibilities. Time is fleeting to meet your goals. You spend too much time trying to correct your weaknesses. Seems like a waste of effort. If you were to capitalize on what you do well, achieving work performance and life goals would elevate to consistently great. How can you use your unique strengths and be reenergized as a highly engaged leader, a boss, an employee, volunteer, or family member?

A coach helps you understand what you do best. Evaluating Gallup’s Strengths Finder Assessment with a coach is a meaningful first step!  You will study your successes in a fresh way, discovering who you are and what you can do for peak contributions at work and in life. This is not made-up stuff. Gallup has spent years, resources, and survey research on analyzing talents and strengths – to your benefit. Your coach encourages you to daily engage in your “strengths zone” …utilizing your influential strengths at home, work and in your community.

2. Lead through New

New Ideas

You have an innovative winning idea and need someone to help you strategize with an achievable plan and implement with fulfilling results. You require accountability with motivational check points.  A coach supports, invests time and interacts with you to find excellence and meaning in your new venture. You’ll want to move with confidence, not letting the doubters, and egg throwers keep you at bay.

A coach works with you as a fellow teammate.  Participation – as a partner – learning to leverage your strengths, staying true to core values, aligning your sense of purpose with the endeavor, creating vision, mission plans, arranging critical goals and planning pit-stops for repairs and refueling.

New becomes a reality!

3. Refreshed Leadership

Management Team

You’re not efficiently moving ahead for some strange reason. Self imposed fears, lack of confidence, weakness fixing, thundering doubts, snags, or crazy hazards are slowing your route. In reality, there could be good reasons why you are sidelined but you still feel stuck. It’s frustrating.

An honest and concerned coach offers wisdom to identify obstructions and viable options more clearly – utilizing your strengths to regain focus and inspiration to continue the journey. Gain a refreshed view from this road stop – to improve perspective, getting rest, cultivating endurance and preparing for the next transformative life step.

4. Inspired Management and Team

Team Building

You request a coach with an inspirational position – helping you understand how to maximize strengths, manage your weaknesses, stabilize emotional sticking points, and leverage the powerful strengths of your team. Two minds are better than one – for “kick-starting” a fresh perspective, mental steadiness and encouragement in the journey.

Your team is a talented lineup.  They need to appreciate one other, integrate, grow together, and collaborate. Your goal is to perform well:  doing what you and your team do best for optimum results. Managers who promote the strengths of their teams have improved engagement, higher productivity, longer lasting morale, lower absenteeism and better customer service delivery.  A manager leading a strengths based team is a many stranded cord –  not quickly torn apart. 

5. Invest in You

Invest in You

You welcome new opportunities in a rapidly changing business climate. You are the best in your technical craft, yet, additional skills are necessary to lead. Your team needs you to patiently listen to their ideas. They desire trust and for you to provide meaningful direction.

Invest time building talents and developing soft skills – to better support and recognize the people you engage with everyday. Continue being an “inquiring student”.  Investing in “you” means investing in others. Those in your circle of vocational influence will benefit from your learning, updated knowledge, upgraded skills, and maturing talent. Soft skill development enhances leadership excellence.


6. Amazing Career Transitions!

Life Transitions

Transitions often arrive suddenly in countless dimensions, a slew of colors, shapes and sizes. There could be career change with numerable options, promotional opportunities, educational direction, unemployment, misemployment, underemployment, strained relationships, marriage maturity, or ministry calling. Every one is  situational and specific to your vocation.

It’s beneficial having a coach experienced in life/work transitions who can relate and offer questions helping you to discern, positively adjust, and learn in the midst of your transition.   There are bumps, ruts and restlessness … but it’s a rewarding journey!  This experience builds wisdom, endurance and character. It’s a memorable segue from one life scene to another.

7. Shifting Self to Others

Shifting Self to Others

You spend time worrying about how you look, act, and accomplish tasks. Relationships seem dangerously one-way (your way) due to self-serving goals and immature talent. Selfish ambition often drives your endeavors off the road. You want to change from “self” absorbed to “others” centric.

A coach examines your intentions, helps shift thinking, encourages the integration of strengths for the betterment of others and appreciating of people – not as an annoyance, but as diverse and vital contributors. The interests of others become more important than your own – to effectively lead, collaborate and accomplish tasks as an inspired unified team. A coach shows you how to move from your raw talents to mature informed talents for the betterment of others. It’s a huge win for them and you.

8. Renewed Company Culture

Renewed Company Culture

Your organization is moving too fast – customer demands are squeezing production and service at unreasonable levels. Quality is strained. There are customer complaints. Absenteeism is on the rise. Talent is leaving. Something is amiss. Managers and employees are not in sync. Leaders spot weaknesses like weeds in a yard. One is pulled and another arrives.

Has anyone evaluated the business vision/mission and how employees are treated? How can employees thrive with enduring engagement and performance?

Companies of all sizes and tenure long for culture. It’s a viable environment that breathes purpose and treasures the value of each employee. A culture stays focused on the essential business model; defining fulfillment, meaning and success. It’s where people thrive on responsibility and deliver their best – as treasured corporate contributors – having a positive influence in the marketplace. A coach helps develop an organic, long-lasting and relevant “strength” culture celebrating corporate talent and achievement. Where employees find a place to develop, grow, and emotionally stay engaged. A dynamic and genuine culture makes a difference inside and outside its walls because it is lived out by all employees, not just the formal leaders.

Are you the main character in any of these scenarios?  I can assist!
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