Coaching Strategy

Using strength intervention for improved performance

As a Strengths Coach

My Strengths: Empathy – Responsibility – Connectedness – Belief – Positivity – Developer

I seek to serve and invest in leaders, managers, and teams of every walk and role of life. 

I am motivated by helping people discover and fully utilize what they do well. 

When leaders are engaged in what they do best, they will thrive in their vocations and transform the marketplace.

Let’s formulate a strategic road map to reach your destination with a marvelous finish. It’s a great character building adventure!

Be strong and encouraged – to influence others and move forward.

Over 25 years in corporate leadership roles, I have struggled, fallen flat on my face, made embarrassing mistakes, compromised my integrity, and picked myself up for another new day. I have learned from my mistakes. More importantly, muscling up, and trying desperately to improve my weaknesses – is a life long endeavor that gets meager results. As a strengths coach, I work with people who are stuck, made wrong choices, face crazy fears, feel nonproductive, and wish to improve their lives.

I compassionately listen and display empathy through client’s insecurities, emotional sticking points, hard predicaments, and circumstances. I relate deeply with issues that you face as a leader. Let’s confidently study your talents; emphasize and engage your strengths to thrive in your vocation. It’s a fresh approach that works to transform the marketplace.

Leadership Sstrategy

Willing and able to travel this road with you.

I take coaching seriously with responsibility – to assist you to plan, direct, work through obstacles, communicate your leadership goals, develop healthy relationships, and be accountable for a meaningful vocation. My commitment is to help you find purpose and achieve excellence (not perfection).

Such greater life purpose living out your strengths and core values!

All ingredients blend superbly to a greater engaged and fulfilled life. Your vocational work is integrated with commitment, purpose, core values, passion, vision, and mission.  I can assist you to uncover and make sense of the odd-shaped puzzle pieces – where your endeavors have a connected purpose. Learn how to best apply your strengths for a meaningful life! May your reality be a fulfilling journey overcoming struggles, building endurance and having future hope.

Bringing a compassionate spiritual overview – with conviction.

We travel this journey together – committed to help clients understand their core values, passions, and strengths. I demonstrate “belief” aiding you with value durability, prioritization and confidence. Your life and work will be much more meaningful when accurate plans are made, deep potholes are avoided and practical routes are taken.

Coaching renewal from the heart out.

Stay encouraged as you confidently break through mind and heart barriers. My desire is to have you successfully arrive at your destination. I coach with strengths at the forefront of who you are and what you do; from the heart out. A renewed life will over flow with humble service to others.  You will thrive and make a positive impact in your relationships at home, work and  in your vocational community.  Your leadership style will have a positive impact with the daily interactions of people on your journey.