Live Integrity, Breathe Transparency, Love Others and Build Relationships

As a genuine and compassionate coach, Bob empathetically listens to leaders through emotional sticking points, hard predicaments, or circumstances. He comes alongside leaders guiding them to discover fresh ways in appreciating their talents and engaging strengths to their fullest potential.

There is a greater purpose to an engaged strength filled life.

It is a fresh and fulfilling approach for leaders to thrive in vocations and transform the marketplace.

Professional CoachingAs an enthusiastic facilitator, adult teacher, certified life coach, and past Toastmaster’s member, Bob enjoys public speaking and has authored and facilitated hundreds of corporate and community seminars, classes, workshops, and conferences – primarily centered on improving leadership skills for growth and achievement (*refer to list below).

He has successfully completed required Strength Based Performance and Engagement Champion curriculum at Gallup University and is fully certified (FNT246).  His coaching inspires leaders to apply strengths, pioneer vision, share ownership, clearly communicate, and show compassion for employees. He has assembled effective teams in trusting “strength” climates, applauding results, prioritizing life balance, circumventing burnout and turnover, and flourishing in their roles contributing to something more significant than themselves.

Bob has been self-employed and has served in corporate senior leadership for 25 years in the financial industry, as a SVP (Fortune 500 company) and a Senior Director. He has saved millions of dollars for several corporations because he understands the underpinnings and functionality of leadership – what it takes to energize leaders to invest in their best talents. He has strategically coached through a myriad of market and organizational changes, corporate growth/mergers, department consolidations, company staff reductions and management transitions. He has a proven record of interfacing and inspiring managers – where combined strengths improve the bottom line.

His development process is effective: discovery and application of strengths, infusing core values, integrating soft skills, setting critical initiatives, breaking through obstacles, and celebrating achievement. He has mentored countless leaders and believes that tenured leaders mentoring new leaders is a winning strategy.

Motivated by serving and inspiring leaders and managers, Bob focuses on triumphing through trials, demonstrating endurance, building character and ensuring future hope. Bob has served as an interim Pastor and Elder in two different Churches. He has led numerous small study groups, marketplace ministry workshops, and taught adult bible classes. He has ministered and mentored youth and adults and served in homeless shelters and an African orphanage. He has a passion to employ effective biblical principles in the world of commerce and train leaders – improving their lives for personal excellence and purpose, for the betterment of the organization and the community.

Bob is a CA Bay area resident. He is proud of his 41 year marriage to his wife, Laura.  They have two married daughters and one grandchild.

*Bob has delivered exciting interactive workshops in a variety of industries for different management teams: High tech startups, banking, appraisal, mortgage, military, local government (technology), non-profits, community groups, and for small business owners. This is a sampling of the corporate staff, management, leadership and personal workshops Bob has supported with planning, development, administration and/or facilitation.

  • The Adversity Factor
  • Advancement Team
  • Business Owner to Coach (SBDC)
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Survive and Thrive (management)
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Challenge
  • Situational Leadership
  • You’re the Leader – now act like it
  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • Strength Zone 1 – for emerging tech
  • Strengths Zone – for Corporate Teams
  • Strengths Zone 1 for Leaders
  • Serve with Strengths – for profits and non-profits
  • Enjoy Your Work – Utilize Your Strengths!
  • Engage Your Employees (SBDC)
  • Colors workshop – understanding your leadership style
  • Human Resources – making the right hire (and keeping them)
  • The Right-Fit Hire
  • The Service Wave (customer service)
  • First Time Right Strategy (customer service)
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership Simplified – beginning strengths for college students
  • Personalized Leadership – discovery of strengths
  • The Leadership Strengths Edge
  • Leaders influence and make a positive difference (retreat)
  • Managing change in the workplace
  • Management problem solving
  • Millennials: Changing our Business Culture (with Gallup stats)
  • Strengths Based Management
  • Strengths Discovery for Managers (includes four domains of team strengths)
  • Strengths Discovery for Career Growth
  • Service and Quality Summits
  • Team Strengths
  • Many team building sessions/activities
  • Numerous real estate, appraisal and mortgage seminars
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Job Won – coaching employees of their future value
  • Spiritual Rest
Professional Coaching
Management Training and Leadership Development