Faith Wins!

Faith Wins!


It’s been a rewarding journey starting a management training and leadership development business. I have been able to utilize my skills, knowledge and strengths to enhance the work performance of leaders, managers and corporate teams. I have enjoyed learning from family, friends, peers, business owners with the Chamber of Commerce and clients. I am thankful that the coaching/training assignments are growing!

My wife purchased this wooden adage to place in my office. It is situated above my computer; reminding me of my prevailing Clifton Strengths Theme, called “Belief” (in my top five). This says, that my belief (faith) is real; propelling confidence, energy and life/work focus. Faith inspires my authenticity and compassion with clients. There is understanding when core values and mission directives are shared by people from various professions.

Faith grows through good and tough times. It overcomes the inner “fear” obstacles that arise before me. Faith triumphs over anxiety with peace when clients don’t call back or when the bills need to be paid. It is the great victor over my fears. It defeats the giants of worry and disappointment.

It’s foundational to my purpose, ethics, and commitment to serve others with excellence.

Faith wins!