I am grateful (an open thank you)

I am grateful (an open thank you)


Being grateful changes your vocational outlook.

I want to say “thank you” to all those leaders who have invested time, energy and wisdom in my management career. I am grateful for your contribution in my vocational journey. When I made mistakes, you were patient to restore my confidence, encouraged me to learn and move forward. My understanding of the real world of business proceeded from laboring with such insightful, expressive and caring people.

Also to the managers and employees whom I have worked with throughout the years; “thank you” for appreciating my strengths to better serve you in a demanding production environment. You imparted genuine character qualities, as gifts, to help me build enduring relationships, solve tough problems, and support others in their work. I appreciate all the skills, knowledge and talent that you shared with me.

Your investment is still paying big dividends. Now, my desire is to give back to a new generation that pursues purpose, mission, excellence and career fulfillment. A talented generation – striving to thrive in their vocations and literally, transform the marketplace. That’s exciting to me and to those that I coach.

I am grateful.