The Strengths Vistazo

The Strengths Vistazo


Leaders, managers, and teams pursue their natural strengths for a genuine functional view of themselves and others.

It happens – leaders often head down the wrong path trying to repair their weaknesses. It’s a weedy – dead-end – tiring road that frustrates; ending with mediocre results. The inspired “vistazo” is never discovered. Improved organizational purpose and engagement, proactive customer interaction, sustained results and positive morale are woefully missed.

It happens more each day – leaders are motivated to travel the right path and reach the summit. The crest is where they understand their strengths – gaining a crystal clear perspective of what they do amazingly well.  The view is insightful and practical – where they find excellence in leadership service, meaning and fulfillment.  Their unique talents can provide a bright new vision of their vocation; enjoying the far-reaching vista with opportunities to help better the lives of others.

Take the time to discover and deploy your strengths for peak performance at work and your life endeavors. The Strengths vistazo is inspiring. It’s worth the trek.