Bonnie Ohlssen Manolas, Real Estate Salesperson at Windermere Lynne French & Associates

Bonnie Ohlssen Manolas, Real Estate Salesperson at Windermere Lynne French & Associates

I had the pleasure of working with Bob during my tenure with World Savings/Wachovia. During that time, Bob was my direct supervisor. If ever there was a man of the highest integrity, honesty, and loyalty, Bob could be just that man. Bob was able to balance compassion for his employees, while still maintaining the standards and practices of the company. He was always looking out for the best interest of his employees in the field, while running an effective and efficient department that was admired by other departments in the company. I believe it was because his employees knew how much he cared for and fought for them, that made them want to work harder and be the best they could be.

He was respected, trusted, and admired by employees and managers alike. Bob had an open door policy unlike any manager I have ever worked with. He made himself completely accessible to anyone who needed to talk to him. Everyone from senior managers to field appraisers sought out Bob for advice because they knew he would give them straight forward, honest, and knowledgeable answers. Everyone who I met who had ever worked with Bob in any capacity had only positive things to say about their experiences. He inspired others, including myself, to be better, not only at their job, but also in their personal lives.

Many of the projects that Bob and I worked together on were geared towards customer service. Bob had a passion for being the best in service, and he was very innovative in his ideas of how to get the message out to the field; the people who were the “face” of the company. From training meetings to contests, Bob was always thinking “service.” He had a unique skill to make training fun, and he had a way with words that could inspire anyone to be excited about helping others.

During our time working together, I was fortunate to witness Bob advance quickly within the company. Senior Leaders recognized the value of what Bob had to offer and placed him in positions where he could make a positive impact on the people he worked with. With each new position, Bob sought out the positive aspects to make them flourish, while finding effective solutions to any problems.

Bob would be a valuable asset to any company he worked for. He is the “Complete Package.” He is a compassionate leader, a hard worker, an inspiring trainer, and an overall determined person. I am grateful for the time I was able to work alongside Bob. He taught me so many valuable lessons that I continue to use in my day to day life and in my current work. Any company he works for in the future will be very lucky to have him.