Jim Dreher, CEO of Leadership Bound, LLC

Jim Dreher, CEO of Leadership Bound, LLC

As the Director of Corporate Training for World Savings Bank I had the opportunity to work with numerous Senior Executives in the facilitation of our management and leadership development programs. One of the aspects that made our company unusual was that we used Senior Managers to facilitate our leadership development programs. This brought instant credibility and “real world” experience to the classroom.

One of the best Senior Executives in facilitating these leadership programs is Bob Huffman. Bob has outstanding presentation skills, but more importantly knows how to engage the participants in the learning process. Bob not only understands adult learning principles, but has demonstrated his ability to utilize them in all of his training sessions. Bob’s presentation and facilitation style is one that is always well prepared and insightful. One of Bob’s greatest strengths is his ability to bring story-telling into the facilitation process that emphasizes the key learning points of each session. Bob engages the participants through his questioning and creative activities that create a positive learning environment.

Bob’s credibility in the classroom came from that fact that he was highly regarded by everyone that knew him or worked with him, as one of the best leaders in the organization. He demonstrated every day the concepts and processes that he taught in the classroom. Bob was able to rise to exceptionally high levels within the organization due primarily to his outstanding leadership skills and ability. I experienced this first hand as I worked directly with him in two separate organizational disciplines.

In observing Bob on numerous training situations he was always encouraging and supportive of participant perspectives and discussions. Bob has learned the critical ability to ask just the right question that challenges the individuals to think deeper into their responses and thought processes. Bob has developed these abilities through years of experience in managing and leading people, and also through his extensive involvement in classroom training. In our organization it was easy to identify the individuals that had a passion for training and development and Bob was one of the top executives in this regard. Not only did he ensure all of his managers had the opportunity to attend the management and leadership development courses, but he also took extensive amounts of his own valuable time to facilitate these multi-day sessions.

It is with the highest regard that I recommend Bob Huffman.