2019 Workshops by Bob


Community Builders – 2019 (Concord Chamber Young Professionals) inaugural workshop – January 9, 2019


25 years of management, team, and individual coaching excellence

Where is Your Destination?

Coaching Managers

Corporate Coaching

For company (profit or non-profit) managers desiring to improve their skills with managing people, projects, and/or processes – achieving performance goals.

Coaching Teams

Leadership Coaching

Coaching for effective and efficient interdependent teams (profit or non-profit): focused on collaborative team building and trust, appreciating and developing  collective strengths, and breaking through obstacles to excel with team performance goals.

Coaching Individuals

Individual coaching

Personalized life coaching for leaders and people who wish to move forward in their lives – understanding how to better execute, influence, build relationships, and/or process information.

Leadership Workshops

Manager Leadership Coaching

Interactive and experiential workshops for leaders, small groups and teams. Each class can be customized to client’s needs. Seminars are in four practical categories.

Engage your Strengths and Thrive!

Allow me to help navigate your journey. I seek to serve and invest in your vocation, providing tools, discovery, insight and encouragement to reach your destination. I am a stakeholder in your success